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Australia live news: Albanese says China must condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine; NSW teachers and train strike

Anthony Albanese welcomes Nato developments; Tony Burke emphasises importance of deal between Uber and Transport Workers Union; PM will tell the OECD that unity is vital in face of global challenges; jobs data and wages announcement due; NSW industrial action continues. Follow all the day’s news live * Sydney’s week of disruptions: who’s on strike, what do they want and what are the impacts? * Nations must work together through ‘conflict and crisis’ to reduce climate change risks, Albanese will tell OECD * Just 24 health workers helped under Morrison government scheme to bring 2,000 medics to Australia * More Australians are living in apartments – but do they meet our needs? * Get our free news app, morning email briefing and daily news podcast The prime minister, Anthony Albanese, has renewed his calls for China to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, declaring that Vladimir Putin “has made a strategic mistake because what his actions have done is unite the democratic world”. Albanese – who has been in Madrid for a Nato summit – spoke to reporters yesterday after having a meeting on the sidelines with the leaders of Japan, South Korea and New Zealand. There we discussed the important focus of this Nato’s summit on the Asia-Pacific region. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has solidified the support amongst democratic countries for the rules-based international order and a determination to continue to provide support to the government and the people of Ukraine who are suffering as a result of this breach of international law and this brutal invasion by Vladimir Putin’s regime. Vladimir Putin has made a strategic mistake because what his actions have done is unite the democratic world and provide a real determination to make sure that the resilience being shown by the Ukrainian people is backed up by resilience and support from democratic countries, including Nato, but also countries throughout the world. Well, what we saw is prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we saw a without-limits partnership between Russia and China. We’ve seen a failure of China to condemn any of the Russian aggression that has occurred against Ukraine. China must look at what is happening and look at the resolve that is there from throughout the world and should be condemning Russia’s actions. Continue reading...

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