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20+ Best Dashboard UI Kits for Figma 2022

Whether you’re a professional designer or simply like to dabble, Figma is a fantastic platform for creating websites and apps for a wide variety of purposes. Where this tool really shines is in creating dashboards and user-interfaces for said websites and apps. With that in mind, we’ve taken the time to put together a collection of dashboard UI kits for Figma that you can start using immediately. Each of the kits and templates included here are very much “open-and-go.” That is, you can download them and put them to work in Figma immediately with minimal fuss. But before we dive into the list, let’s first briefly discuss where we found each of these templates. Find Dashboard UI Kits for Figma on Envato Elements The Figma UI kit templates included here are all sourced from Envato Elements, a subscription service that provides access to thousands of templates for a single monthly fee. This service includes Figma templates, of course, but also those for PowerPoint and Google Slides, WordPress themes, and even photographs. 23 Best Dashboard UI Kit Templates for Figma You’ll find the Figma dashboard UI kit templates we’ve compiled here today cover a wide range of niches and industries. One is certain to suit your needs, especially if you’re looking to build an app or website quickly. Let’s get started. 1. Tomatus - Restaurant Admin Dashboard UI Kit for Figma First on our list is Tomatus, a restaurant-themed admin dashboard UI kit that you can use with Figma immediately. This UI kit features a modern design that’s pretty versatile and can be adapted for use by anyone in the restaurant, food service, or hotel industries. And best of all, it comes loaded with features, including: * A clean layout and design * 96 files * Fully customizable and easy to edit * Includes free fonts * Comes with 4 formats, including Figma, PSD, Adobe XD, and Sketch 2. Crown - Material Admin Dashboard UI Kit Next, there’s Crown, which is described as a material admin dashboard UI kit, which means it prioritizes material design elements in its layout options. This UI kit can be used with Figma, PSD, Adobe XD, and Sketch and is workable for any sort of admin management, which means any app or website that needs a control panel, dashboard, or admin login space. That describes pretty much any site or app that has user accounts. Primary features include: * 40 files * Quick and easy editing options * Full customization is possible * Includes a set of free fonts * Retina-ready design 3. Gleek - Admin Dashboard Huge UI Kit for Figma Or you might prefer Gleek instead, which is another admin dashboard UI kit that can be used for a multitude of app and website types. According to its official product description, this UI kit is suitable for websites or apps that deal with invoicing, real estate, ticketing, ads, downloads, payments, music, photos, education, and more. It’s truly the definition of multipurpose. A few features to keep your eye on include: * 388 files * Well-organized files with full vector layers * 21 homepage options * Inbox styles * 500+ UI components * Compatibility with Figma, PSD, Adobe XD, and Sketch * Pages for crypto currency, elements, authentication, errors,and forms * Includes free fonts 4. Guru - Teacher Dashboard UI Kit for Figma Next up is Guru, a dashboard UI kit intended for educational, e-learning, and teaching. It offers a layout and design that’s a good fit for those in the education field, including teachers and administrators. The design itself is clean, straightforward, and easy to customize. Key features include: * Organized files and layers * Simple customization options * Compatibility with Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, and Invision Studio * Includes free Google Fonts 5. Dashboard - Admin Dashboard Web App If you’re launching a new product or need a clear-cut admin panel to work with, the Dashboard UI Kit for Figma is another worthwhile option. This template offers two different dashboard screen options to pick from and offers customization options for matching the design to your company or product’s branding. Features include: * Full control over colors * Wide-ranging compatibility with top editing tools * Vector-based assets included * Uses open-source fonts * Good organization and layer structure 6. Finance - Dashboard UI Kit for Figma Those in the financial sector will definitely appreciate the inclusion of the Finance Dashboard UI Kit on this list. It includes a layout and overall design aesthetic that makes this template right at home within the financial industry. So if you’re creating a website or app about investing, personal finances, or crypto, this might just be the right choice for you. A few features we want to highlight are: * Set to desktop screen sizes * Totally customizable from top to bottom * Compatible with Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch * Well-organized files with proper layers 7. Sales Dashboard Template for Figma Next there’s the Sales Dashboard UI Kit and template that could work well if you specialize in sales, sales tracking, or manage a sales team. This could work really well for creating a UI for an app you’ll use to manage and track internal sales numbers amongst your team. The design itself emphasizes charts, graphs, and various data presentations. Features include: * Compatibility with Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD * Includes vector icons * Well-organized layers * Uses free fonts 8. Cryptocurrency Dashboard UI Kit for Figma Those working with Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, or NFTs will appreciate this one. This Figma dashboard UI kit is a surefire choice for cryptocurrency professionals who want to create an app or website quickly and easily. THis template offers plenty of UI kit goodness to get your design off the ground. Notable features include: * Compatibility with Figma and Sketch * Fully customizable layers * Control over font and color selections * Well-organized files * Includes a free default font 9. Spa Dashboard UI Kit for Figma Wellness, beauty, and spa professionals will delight in this Spa Dashboard UI Kit option. Figma designers can put this template to work immediately, crafting a compelling app or website that truly speaks to its target audience. It offers full compatibility with Figma (of course) as well as Sketch, Adobe XD, and PSD and offers these features as well: * Fully editable and scalable files * Uses an RGB color mode * Well-organized files and layers * Uses Google Fonts 10. BoardApp - Dashboard UI Kit for Figma Still another option is the BoardApp, which makes it super easy to create a Trello-style board-based project management app or website. The resulting interface is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. With this download, expect to enjoy: * Well-organized and fully layered files you can use immediately * Full customization possible * Uses free Google Fonts 11. Analytics Dashboard Template for Figma Or you might prefer the Analytics Dashboard UI Kit template for Figma, which makes it easy to – you guessed it – create an eye-catching analytics website or app users will delight to use. The UI kit itself is easy to put into practice and customization is straightforward, too. This UI kit template includes: * A minimalist and clean design * Well-structured and layered files * Straightforward editing and customization * Compatibility with Figma, Photoshop, Adobe XD, and Sketch * Uses the Roboto font 12. Selling Dashboard UI Kit for Figma If you need a convenient way to track orders and sales, the Selling Dashboard UI Kit is a solid option. It works with Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch and is a cinch to use. Features include: * Light and dark mode * Well-organized layers * Neat file structure 13. Task Management Dashboard UI Kit for Figma Keep everyone on task and on target by creating an app or website with the Task Management Dashboard UI Kit. This option offers a unique design that you can use with Figma, Adobe XD, or Sketch. Other features include: * A full, instantly usable dashboard design * Fully editable layers * Free icons * Free Google Fonts 14. UI Dashboard Builder for Figma Next up is the UI Dashboard Builder for Figma, which is a starter kit for creating the user-interface for any type of website or app you can think of. It is truly multipurpose and consists of tons of UI components that can be paired and used in countless designs for a variety of purposes. Features include: * Over 500 UI components * Tons of Elements and widgets * Full control over typography and color styles * Includes custom infographics and charts * Includes a style guide * Can be edited in Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, and Photoshop 15. Biocronic Medical Dashboard UI Kit Those in the medical field will enjoy the inclusion of Biocronic on the list. This medically-focused dashboard UI kit for Figma is super easy to edit and customize thanks to well-organized layers and files. Top features include: * Clean design * Full customization and control over fonts, colors, shapes, and effects * Relies on vector shapes * Includes templates for login forms, active states, and modals. 16. Mudee - Dashboard Concept UI Kit Next up is the Mudee Dashboard UI kit that is truly multipurpose. It offers a wide range of customizable elements that you can edit to fit your company’s branding. Here are just a few of its stand-out features: * 5 dashboard screens * Vector components * Well-organized and layered files * Global text and color styles * Works with Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch 17. Wallet Dashboard UI Kit Template Another option is the Wallet Dashboard UI Kit, which is a great option for those looking to build a Figma-based app or website for managing personal finances or to serve as a digital wallet. With this template you can expect: * Compatibility with Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch * Included icons * Vector-based files with organized layers 18. Task Management Dashboard UI Kit for Figma There’s also the Task Management Dashboard UI Kit that offers a streamlined way to create a task management website or app. The design is quite flexible and can be customized to suit your branding needs. It includes screens for profiles, charts, graphs, and more. Features include: * A multitude of components and elements * Modern design that’s highly adaptable * Full customization is possible * Compatible with both Figma and Sketch * Includes free fonts 19. Weather App Dashboard UI Kit for Figma If you want to create a custom weather app, the Weather App Dashboard kit for Figma is a logical choice. This one offers all the UI elements you need to construct a weather app dashboard by simply dragging-and-dropping them around. Notable features include: * Custom colors and text styles * Custom shadows * All visible imagery is included * Free fonts 20. SaaS Dashboard Template for Figma Or perhaps the SaaS Dashboard Template is more your style? This template is ideal for creating SaaS apps and websites or anyone looking to make a software-as-a-service web application. It’s easy to edit and customize to suit your specific needs and the modern layout makes it appealing for multiple industries. Features include: * 60 screens * 14 use cases * Over 100 components * Global text and color styles * Google Fonts 21. Podcst - Podcast Admin Dashboard UI Kit for Figma Or you could opt for Podcst, an admin dashboard for podcast apps. The designs modern, minimal, and easy to customize. Check out some of its features: * 8 screens * Light and dark versions * Custom icons * Google Fonts 22. Phonia - Music App Dashboard UI Kit Or if you’re in the music industry – or have been hired to create a music app – Phonia is a solid option. This dashboard UI Kit can be used by music schools, vocal academies, music studios, and more. A few standout features to make note of include: * 1 landing page and homepage * Compatibility with Figma and Adobe XD * Vector-based assets * Well-organized files and layers * Open-source fonts 23. Food Delivery Dashboard Template for Figma Lastly, there’s the Food Delivery Dashboard Template, which gives Figma users a quick and easy way to create a food delivery website or app. This template is a cinch to put into practice and includes screens and components for: * My order and payment info * Discounts * Restaurant lists * Promotional sliders * Search and location functions * Sidebar menu Learn More About Dashboard Design If you’re looking for some guidance on how to create a dashboard in Figma, we’ve covered this subject thoroughly in the past: * 15+ Best Figma Design System Templates 2022 Brenda Barron 17 May 2022 * Building an Admin Dashboard Layout With CSS and a Touch of JavaScript George Martsoukos 17 Mar 2021 * Best React Dashboard Templates (Frontend JavaScript) Franc Lucas 10 Sep 2021 Create Stunning Apps with Figma Dashboard UI Kits If you’re thinking of creating a dashboard for an app or website – with all the bells and whistles of such an endeavor – this list of UI Kits for Figma will hopefully steer you in the right direction. At the very least, these dashboard templates should make it easier for you to build account profiles, payment screens, and analytics charts. But no matter what you decide to make, we know it’ll be amazing. Good luck!

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