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We obeyed Covid rules as our dad died. I’m angry the PM has dodged a Partygate reckoning | Robbie Hadden

The fact that he has been fined only once shouldn’t matter – any decent politician would have resigned by now * Robbie Hadden is a builder from Northamptonshire Hearing the news that Boris Johnson appears to have to got away with “Partygate” quite simply made me angry. The number of fines that he personally receives – which people now think will only be the one – doesn’t matter to me. The point is that he was ultimately responsible for the atmosphere in No 10, for which 126 fines have been issued. It’s the place where the decisions were being made and where the orders were coming from. It’s where he stood at that podium, waffling on. The vast majority of the country complied with the Covid restrictions. Everybody made sacrifices. Mine was one of many families who was denied a chance to say goodbye to a loved one because of the restrictions. My father suffered from vascular dementia. He was bed-bound and in a nursing home when the pandemic struck. But he was still quite lucid. He recognised people well. You could go and have a perfectly normal conversation with him. Continue reading...

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