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Lack of bouncers slams the doors on Britons’ big nights out

A post-Covid recruitment crisis overs security staff is forcing pubs and clubs to cut hours or open fewer days a week After the tumult of the past two and a half years, the hospitality sector had been hoping for a bumper 2022 to recoup its pandemic losses. But while businesses have seen a surge in customers seeking to spend their lockdown savings, the twin pressures of staff shortages and rising costs are now forcing many clubs, restaurants, pubs and hotels to turn people away and close their doors midweek. Bouncers are one role in particularly short supply. Three-quarters of clubs, pubs and bars said they were short of security staff, with some closing earlier or shutting entirely on Tuesdays or Wednesdays as well as Mondays, according to the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA). Continue reading...

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