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Best Mailchimp Templates to Level Up Your Business Email Newsletter 2022

People love Mailchimp because of its ease of use and flexibility. The problem is, it’s often cumbersome to try and use your own customized templates if they’re not specifically optimized for Mailchimp. Instead, you end up sacrificing either the intuitive interface or the jaw-dropping user experience, neither of which is what you want. Happily, we’ve once again updated our list of the top Mailchimp email newsletter design templates that provide simple, drag-and-drop functionality without sacrificing style.   Mailee Responsive Multipurpose Email Template The Best Source of Mailchimp Templates (With Unlimited Use) Envato Elements is the perfect place to find the best Mailchimp email templates. For a low monthly fee, you can unlock unlimited downloads of Mailchimp templates, website themes, email templates, photos, videos, fonts, and other creative resources to use in your next project.  Envato Elements is truly one of the best value subscriptions out there for creatives today. And with unlimited downloads, you have the freedom to try out a variety of options as you build out your new Mailchimp newsletter template. Get all the inspiration you need from this huge library of Mailchimp email layouts. Browse through the best Mailchimp templates available on Envato Elements. Best Mailchimp Templates On Envato Elements for 2022 Here’s the full list of our favorite updated and new Mailchimp template examples from Envato Elements. Check out the different Mailchimp email layouts you can use for your business. Find one that will help your business marketing in 2022! 1. Webber - Fashion, Shop & Store Email + Builder Simple style is what the Webber email newsletter design is all about. You can create a cool email newsletter for your fashion brand quickly with this template. There are many color variations and drag and drop modules you can choose from to make a unique layout. Preview your work as your editing, and enjoy this Mailchimp email template's compatibility and responsive design. Get started with Webber Webber - Fashion, Shop & Store Email + Builder 2. Mase Mail - Responsive E-mail Template Looking for cool email templates for Mailchimp? Mase Mail is a simple email template for your Mailchimp newsletter or campaign. It's modern and clean design can be edited to fit your content. Mase Mail has several modules to choose from and design with on the fly, which many free Mailchimp templates lack. Plus the included documentations means working with this custom email newsletter design won't be tough. Get started with Mase Mail Mase Mail - Responsive E-mail Template 3. Cinderella - E-commerce Responsive Email Template The stunning style of Cinderella is almost fairy-tale like. There are 36 unique modules you can customize to suit your needs. The included files are also compatible with Mailchimp, Stamp Ready, and a whole lot more, so you can use the service of your choosing. Cinderella makes for a fully-responsive alternative to free Mailchimp templates found elsewhere online. Get started with Cinderella Cinderella - E-commerce Responsive Email Template 4. Travel - Multipurpose Responsive Email Template Whether you run a travel agency or travel blog, you can make use of this Mailchimp design newsletter template. It has an interesting visual layout with lots of white space. There are also more than 20 modules you can use to customize your email newsletter designs. And because it's multipurpose, you can make Mailchimp examples for a number of industries. Get started with Travel Travel - Multipurpose Responsive Email Template 5. Supra 22x - Email Templates Pack - Builder Access Do you like having options? How about 22 of them? The Supra email pack includes a wide array of Mailchimp newsletter designs that are easy to use. The included templates are tested in Litmus for maximum compatibility, and an email builder is included in this bundle. In a matter of clicks, you can create the best email newsletters that will engage your audience. Get started with Supra 22x Supra 22x - Email Templates Pack - Builder Access 6. Avalan - Responsive Email + StampReady Builder Avalan kicks off our list of the best Mailchimp templates from Envato Elements. This template includes the StampReady Builder, making it easy for you to drag and drop modules for a custom layout. Not only is Avalan compatible with Android and iOS, but this email newsletter design works with many popular email clients like Gmail, Outlook, and more. Get started with Avalan Avalan - Responsive Email + StampReady Builder 7. Gravity - Responsive Creative Email + Builder Gravity is one of the best Mailchimp templates on Envato Elements; it’s compatible with Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp (as well as others), and includes the PSD design files should you need them. With its online builder you can drag and drop whichever modules your Mailchimp newsletter template needs, preview it at various screen sizes to check its responsiveness, then download and deploy your email newsletter design to Mailchimp when you’re ready. Get started with Gravity Gravity - Responsive Creative Email + Builder 8. Sentinel - Responsive Email + StampReady Builder Sentinel is another of the most downloaded Mailchimp templates on Envato Elements, largely because of its versatility and clean design. Choose from modules in the StampReady template builder, design the email you want, then deploy to Mailchimp or one of the many other top email platforms. Sentinel has all you need to build the best email newsletters. Get started with Sentinel Sentinel - Responsive Email + StampReady Builder 9. Jaynix Email Newsletter Design Jaynix is an email newsletter design built by DynamicXX, email specialists, and makers of 20 more email templates on Envato Elements. Like all their Mailchimp design templates, Jaynix has a huge range of modules to choose from and customize. It's a great option for people looking for versatility in their templates. Tested with Litmus, Jaynix is compatible with Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor, as well as iContact, Constant Contact, and Aweber. It's a great choice if you're looking for the best email newsletters for Mailchimp. Get started with Jaynix Jaynix Email Newsletter Design 10. Retro Mailchimp Newsletter Example Retro is something a little bit different–at least nowadays. It’s a hark back to the days of texture and detail in design, though its clean lines and whitespace give it just enough of a modern feel. Retro also features some neat CSS animation, which isn’t something seen in many free Mailchimp templates. If orange isn’t your thing, you can easily change the email newsletter design (along with all the other colors) using the controls in Themebuilder. Creating different Mailchimp newsletter examples is a fun process with the Retro template. Get started with Retro Retro Mailchimp Newsletter Example 11. Announce Mailchimp Newsletter Template Announce is one of the best newsletter templates that does what you might expect: it announces your presence. It’s perfect as a way to introduce yourself, market a product or service, or send out a CV of some kind.  The online builder (as with all these demos) makes constructing the exact email you want straightforward, and you can edit the colors and styling to suit your brand too. It's a very functional choice with features many free Mailchimp templates don't offer. Get started with Announce Announce Mailchimp Newsletter Template 12. Maixe Mail- Responsive E-mail Template Easy to use and responsive, Maixe Mail is one of the best newsletter templates you can find online today. Its design is minimal and attractive to the modern reader. The included files aren't only Mailchimp ready, but are ready to use with Campaign Monitor, iContact, and StampReady. Reach desktop and mobile readers with Maixe Mail with its wide range of email client compatibility. Maixe Mail is one of the best Mailchimp newsletter examples available. Get started with Maixe Mail Maixe Mail- Responsive E-mail Template 13. Dido - Responsive Email Template Responsive and highly customizable, Dido is an ideal choice if you've been hunting for Mailchimp newsletter examples. Dido is one of those Mailchimp design templates you should check out for inspiration. It features a drag-and-drop editor that's very easy to use. You'll also enjoy the included documentation in case you get stuck. As far as custom Mailchimp templates go, Dido is a top option for most email marketers. Get started with Dido Dido - Responsive Email Template 14. Cromo Corporate Email Newsletter Template Have you been looking for an email newsletter design that's perfect for a corporate setting? Then get to know Cromo. It's compatible with multiple services like Mailchimp, Stamp Ready, and Campaign Monitor. There are also multiple design elements that you can edit and rearrange to make your ideal email. Try out Cromo instead of free Mailchimp templates for an effective campaign. Get started with Cromo Cromo Corporate Email Newsletter Template 15. XPLORE - Book & Travel Responsive Email XPLORE is one of the top eCommerce Mailchimp examples which is ideal for travel booking. It comes with elements to arrange how you like with Modules Composer, plus it’s compatible with Mailchimp, CampaignMonitor, and other email marketing services. There's no doubt XPLORE is one of the best Mailchimp newsletters to use for your eCommerce booking campaigns. Get started with XPLORE XPLORE - Book & Travel Responsive Email More Spectacular Mailchimp Templates From ThemeForest The Mailchimp examples from Envato Elements are all premium. But if you don't think you can take advantage of the monthly subscription service, you can buy an email newsletter design template individually from ThemeForest. You can find awesome Mailchimp examples to buy one at a time from ThemeForest. We've rounded up even more custom Mailchimp newsletter templates from ThemeForest that you can purchase without a subscription. You'll also find a variety of Mailchimp design templates for inspiration.  1. Vespro | Responsive Multipurpose Notification + Transnational Email Template With Builder If you’re after something that can work for multiple email campaigns, this is one of the best Mailchimp newsletter templates for the job. It comes with templates for feedback, subscriptions, and a whole lot more. Since its 2018 release, Vespro continues to add new features and stability improvements with each update so you know your email newsletter design will still be top of the line. Vespro Demo Vespro | Responsive Multipurpose Notification + Transnational Email Template With Builder 2. Melvin Agency - Multipurpose Responsive Email Template A list of the best Mailchimp email templates isn't complete without Melvin Agency. This email newsletter design example has a strong aesthetic, with bold type and impactful graphics. It's compatible with many email clients and Mailchimp, StampReady, and Campaign Monitor. Try it out and make the best email newsletters with Melvin Agency. Melvin Agency Demo Melvin Agency - Multipurpose Responsive Email Template 3. Spirit Agency - Multipurpose Responsive Email Template Spirit Agency landed on ThemeForest late 2022 as a fresh and stylish email newsletter design. Its stylish look makes it one of the best newsletter templates online. Spirit Agency comes with multiple design modules that can be dragged and dropped. This ease of editing makes Spirit one of the best Mailchimp examples. Spirit Agency Demo Spirit Agency - Multipurpose Responsive Email Template 4. Corporate - Responsive Email Newsletter Templates Corporate is a modern and clean template set that's very easy to use. The Mailchimp design newsletter makes for a very simple, elegant email with lots of white space (for those who love minimal designs). It also includes eight premade Mailchimp newsletter templates that you can tweak or use as inspiration. This is a great choice if you're looking for professional email templates for Mailchimp. Corporate Demo Corporate - Responsive Email Newsletter Templates 5. Modulo | Responsive Email Modulo is a contemporary Mailchimp newsletter templates design compatible with the StampReady Builder for painless editing. It's a tool that allows you to make the best email newsletters quickly. Perfect for agencies and other technology companies, Modulo features 37 unique module designs including feature sections and blog posts. Play around with different Mailchimp newsletter examples and layouts until you create the ideal look for your organization. Modulo Demo Modulo | Responsive Email 6. Switch | Business Newsletter Switch is a responsive email newsletter design made up of more than 20 different modules. It includes clean, documented HTML code as well as PSD files for Adobe Photoshop. Like other popular Mailchimp design templates, you can edit this template in StampReady. Switch also works with the latest versions of Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and more. Mailchimp email templates don't come much better than Switch. Switch Demo Switch | Business Newsletter 7. Webwall - Multipurpose Responsive Email Template With a creative, minimal design, Webwall is a perfect choice if you've been looking for the best Mailchimp newsletter templates for your campaign. This all-in-one option includes 99 Mailchimp email templates that are well documented and responsive. With unlimited color options and drag and drop layout building, creating your email newsletter design with Webwall is a breeze. Webwall Demo Webwall - Multipurpose Responsive Email Template 8. Matah | Responsive Email Set Keep it simple with the Matah Mailchimp email template. It includes more than 20 uniquely designed newsletter examples that you can edit. Matah is also compatible with Campaign Monitor, StampReady, Mailster, and other email service providers. With more than 2,000 happy customers, there's no doubt Matah is one of the best Mailchimp examples available.  Matah Demo Matah | Responsive Email Set 9. Koble | Business Email Set A stylish multipurpose email collection, Koble offers solid default style across all 28 of the included custom Mailchimp templates, whilst allowing plenty of opportunity to edit and customize each design. Compatible with Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, FreshMail, ActiveCampaign, Mailster, StampReady, iContact, and with a plain ol’ HTML template included to boot, Koble is ready to go. Try it out if you've been looking for Mailchimp email templates online. Koble Demo Koble | Business Email Set 10. Carol Mailchimp Email Templates Carol is a multipurpose email template and comes packaged with a whopping 100+ sections for you to build with. Like many Mailchimp newsletter examples on offer through ThemeForest, Carol can be edited and built using StampReady. With the wide array of elements, picking up Carol is just like having multiple custom Mailchimp templates at your disposal. Carol Demo Carol Mailchimp Email Template 11. Multimail Responsive Mailchimp Email Templates Set Looking for the best Mailchimp templates to work with? Multimail is one of the best selling Mailchimp newsletter templates over the last year for a reason: it comes standard with over ten multi-purpose email templates for a variety of uses. It’s compatible with Mailchimp and a number of additional popular email marketing providers.  But if that’s not enough, it also contains over 179 modules so you can make the best email newsletters around. Multimail is sure to help your email newsletter design stand out from the crowd. Definitely one of the best Mailchimp email templates you'll find.  Multimail Demo Multimail Responsive Mailchimp Email Template Set 12. Fashionistas - Responsive Email with Mailchimp Editor Very chic dah-ling. If you’re looking to sell your products and services with a mature, classy aesthetic, look no further. This template boasts, not only 59 different modules to build your campaign, but subscribe to the author’s email list and receive an additional free template every month. It's one of the top Mailchimp examples for fashion brands. Fashionistas Demo Fashionistas - Responsive Email with Mailchimp Editor 13. Christmas and New Year Responsive Email Template With Builder Here's one of the top Mailchimp newsletter examples from ThemeForest that are for the winter holidays. It provides businesses with minimal yet modern email designs that work for sending fun emails for Christmas and New Year's promotions.  These custom Mailchimp newsletter templates include multiple files that you can tweak in Photoshop, StampReady, and more. It's also been tested for compatibility for multiple email clients. Christmas and New Year Demo Christmas and New Year Responsive Email Template With Builder 14. Madeline - E-commerce Responsive Email Template Your marketing campaign will get a stylish boost with the Madeline custom Mailchimp template. There are multiple modules across different categories that you can edit. With Madeline, you can enjoy these features: * responsive design for mobile devices * clean and commented HTML code * Mailchimp, FreshMail, and StampReady compatible  This is a contemporary, easy-to-use alternative to free Mailchimp templates. If you want to work with one of the best newsletter templates, try out Madeline. Madeline Demo Madeline - E-commerce Responsive Email Template 15. Furnistore - E-Commerce Responsive Furniture and Interior Design Email with Online Builder If your furniture store needs a better way to reach its customers, get Furnistore. Furnistore is one of the newest custom Mailchimp templates on ThemeForest and is easy to use. You won't need to work with code to customize this email newsletter design. Just use the drag and drop modules and edit the content. Furnistore is one of the best newsletter templates to have for your business marketing. Furnistore Demo Furnistore - E-Commerce Responsive Furniture and Interior Design Email with Online Builder Free Mailchimp Templates You Can Use in 2022 While premium themes are always the way to go, free Mailchimp templates can fit every budget. We've gathered a few free choices you can use for your email newsletter design.  1. Summer Email Newsletter Campaign Share the latest summer news with this free Mailchimp template. It's perfect for the summer and can be tweaked for other times of the year. 2. Free Html Email Template – Photographer Looking for free Mailchimp templates for your photography studio? Try out this option. It's editable and has been tested on more than 30 email clients. 3. Salted Responsive Email Template The free Salted Mailchimp template features a fresh, modern design for a campaign. You'll also like how the HTML code is clean and commented for easy editing. 4. Narrative Free Email Template Narrative is one of the best free Mailchimp templates you can find. Its design is simple and straightforward, and you'll have no trouble adding your branding to its layout. 5. Architect – Free HTML Email Template Last on our list of free Mailchimp templates is Architect. It features a dark theme that's organized and easy on the eye. 3 Emails You Should be Sending (In Addition to Your Regular Newsletter) 3.8 billion people start their day by checking their email. Of that 3 billion, 60% prefer to receive marketing materials via email than Facebook or Twitter. After all this time, email marketing produce a better ROI than social media (and almost any other channel). Chances are, you’re already familiar with sending out a standard email newsletter. A semi-frequent round-up sent weekly (or monthly) to a general audience. According to Mailchimp, you should focus your email marketing content on relevant, engaging messages about useful stuff to your audience. Black includes personalized email notifications. Add event-related messages into your regular email marketing workflow. This can give you tremendous leverage with a tiny amount of effort by automating these messages. Just create and set them up once, and then set them on autopilot. Here are three quick examples that most companies can (and should) begin sending this week: 1. Welcome Emails These are simple introductory emails to welcome new people and begin building trust. Try to dig deeper to segment users within your audience to send them personalized emails. This will help increase engagement and generate greater ROI. Start building familiarity as soon as possible with a welcome email sent immediately to new subscribers or contacts. 2. Post-Purchase Emails Sending emails to new customers and clients is a smart move to confirm their order and expand on what comes next. But they’re also a powerful way to continue earning trust, moving quickly to squash any potential buyers remorse before it strikes. Following up after purchases also presents a new opportunity to capitalize on their interest to upsell, cross-sell, or encourage referrals to friends, family, and colleagues. 3. Past Customer Emails We’re all going to lose customers or clients at a certain point in time. Unfortunately, that’s a given. The good news is that you don’t have to completely abandon the relationship. Instead, you can send out emails to win back or recover lost customers and clients by highlighting new or different offerings. Keep learning on the different types of effective marketing emails. Check out this tutorial: * 10 Different Types of the Most Effective Marketing Emails Keep your subscribers engaged by adding variety to your email marketing. This guide lists 10 different types of emails to use in your existing campaigns. Celine (CX) Roque 18 Mar 2022 Email Marketing Tips for Excellent Marketing Email Newsletters From the Mailchimp Style Guide Mailchimp is more than just a popular email marketing company. They're also a brand that's recognized by marketers around the world. That level of popularity and success is due to many factors, but one of those factors includes how they create their emails. Make email newsletter designs that are worth reading. (Stock photo from Envato Elements) If you're looking to get the most out of the best email newsletters, check out some of these tips straight from Mailchimp's very own content style guide: * Focus on your subject line. Your subject line is the first interaction recipients have with your brand. The quality of this line can make or break your email newsletter open rates. * Have clear calls to action. When your leads open up your eNewsletter, they shouldn't wonder what you want from them. Follow Mailchimp's example and add a button or link to the closing paragraph of your campaign. * Keep your writing tight. Concise writing should be the best friend of every marketer developing their email newsletter design. Having a clear purpose for every email you send out is a great way to focus your writing and ideas. * Have a structured hierarchy. The Mailchimp style guide makes a point of saying that modern readers scan content. To make the best email newsletters, create a hierarchy of content in the layout that's easy to scan. * Use alt text. Alt text is a cornerstone of accessibility. Every Mailchimp email newsletter design you write that includes images must have alt text. This also works in your favor as many email clients disable images and leave the option to see them up to the reader. Learn About Web Design From Envato Tuts+ on YouTube Are you looking to learn outside of the world of custom Mailchimp templates? Then check out the Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel. There are hundreds of free video tutorials for illustration, video production, and web design! Our web design video tutorial playlist will help you develop an online home for your organization. From sharing the best WordPress templates to building Shopify stores, you'll be able to learn what you want at your own pace. Get started with the video below: Find More Mailchimp Templates We regularly publish roundups of the best Mailchimp newsletter templates for all kinds of situations–check out these posts if this one didn’t give you what you’re looking for! * MailChimp 22+ MailChimp Templates for Every Purpose and Occasion Paula Borowska * Campaign Monitor 18 Great Campaign Monitor Templates for Email and Newsletters Brittany Jezouit * MailChimp Mastering MailChimp: Best Templates and Email Tips for MailChimp Newsletters Brittany Jezouit Grab a Mailchimp Email Template Now!  Mailchimp is one of the simplest email marketing services to use. But when you try to upload pre-built Mailchimp newsletter examples that’s not built specifically for them, problems occur. Difficulty going back to edit images and copy are routine. Compatibility with other email service providers like Gmail or Outlook can be a nightmare. And don’t even bring up responsive for mobile. Fortunately, the best selling Mailchimp email templates listed here are all perfectly compatible with Mailchimp, simplifying your life with easy-to-use, drag-and-drop modules. Browse them today to find one that’s perfect for your business.  And the custom Mailchimp templates do it without sacrificing beauty or aesthetic. so your email newsletter will look as good when published as it does when you originally edited it.  Start browsing them today to find one that’s perfect for your business. Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Nathan Umoh, and Janila Castañeda. Nathan and Janila are staff writers with Envato Tuts+.

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