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18+ Best Figma Wireframe UI Kits and Templates

Wireframing plays an essential role when designing any sort of user interface. And while they might not look all that appealing to the untrained eye, they aren’t intended for the general public. Rather, they are instrumental in bringing the structure and function of a website, app, or piece of software to life.  Figma is a fantastic tool for developing wireframes for your projects. But it might feel a bit daunting to get started if you’ve never created a wireframe before and if you don’t have a clear idea of what they should include.  Today, we’ll discuss what a wireframe is, how they work, and offer numerous suggestions for Figma wireframe UI kits and templates so you don’t have to dive into this process alone.  Framer Wireframe Web UI Kit Template, on Envato Elements What is a Wireframe and How Does it Work?  A wireframe is essentially the outline or blueprint for your design projects. It offers a convenient way to visualize the structure of the design project. A wireframe is intended to be very bare bones and exists to help you see how disparate parts of your project will fit together.  It also makes it easier to see if there are gaps in your planning. If two pages aren’t linked, it’ll be apparent. If there’s no clear way for a user to interact with your interface on a certain section in your app, the wireframe will reveal this oversight. Wireframing offers an opportunity to ensure every piece of your app or website fits together as you need them to – without having to contend with the myriad of design choices that lay ahead.  * Wireframing A Beginner’s Guide to Wireframing Winnie Lim Essentially, it’s much harder to see how a user will interact – and more likely you’ll be distracted by other decisions – when faced with a visual-heavy interface in the early planning stages. It helps you get the foundation and structure solid before you move over to color and font choices. After all, you wouldn’t paint a skyscraper before you build it, right?  Find Figma Wireframe UI Kits and Templates (With Unlimited Use)  Before we dive fully into our list of Figma wireframe UI kits and templates, let’s first discuss two places where you can find a wide variety of template options – many of which we’re featuring here today.  Envato Elements is a go-to resource for templates and resources of all kinds, from wireframing templates to photos. For the cost of a low monthly subscription, you gain access to thousands of assets. And the best part is it allows for unlimited downloads. Download and use as many as you like, however you’d like.  Figma wireframe UI kits and templates on Envato Elements And if that’s still not enough for you – or you’re not big on the subscription model – you can purchase wireframe UI kits individually on ThemeForest as well. Basically, there’s no shortage of templates and kits to choose from.  Figma wireframe UI kits and templates on ThemeForest But there’s no need to be overwhelmed by your options. We’ve compiled some of our favorite Figma wireframe UI kits here today to save you time and effort.  Best Wireframe UI Kits and Templates for Figuring Out Design Structure on Envato Elements and ThemeForest Now’s the time you’ve been waiting for: our curated list of wireframe UI kits and templates, sourced directly from Envato Elements and ThemeForest. Let’s get to it.  1. Wireframe Header Kit The Wireframe Header Kit is a fantastic way to present ideas and create prototypes of layouts and designs. It can be used for:  * Websites * Landing pages * Mobile menus * Graphic designs * Blogs This UI kit comes with files for use in Figma as well as Adobe XD, Sketch, and Photoshop.  2. Figkit Wireframe Library Figkit Wireframe Library is another great option for building a wireframe for your next project. It can be used for both desktop and mobile projects and aims to be a one-stop resource for your UX design efforts. It comes with tools for:  * Creating color variables for a more organized workflow. * Creating variants for housing your components.  * Ensuring your design output is responsive. * An 8-point grid. * Constraints on resizing. This UI kit is easy to use and is pretty powerful, too.  3. Concrete Wireframe Kit The Concrete Wireframe Kit offers a straightforward way to make wireframes for your websites, apps, and other projects. It’s easy to edit and modify. Simply add the components you want to use, update the text, and you’re good to go.  Features include:  * 10 categories  * 90 screens * Layered formatting * Made with Bootstrap  You can use this kit with Figma, Photoshop, and Sketch.  4. House Cleaning Website Wireframe If you need to create a wireframe for a house cleaning service website, this aptly named House Cleaning Website Wireframe is a great choice. It includes a variety of layouts for use in Figma for figuring out how you’d like your site to function.  It comes with several page templates as well, including those for: * Home * About Us * Pricing * Services * Contact Other page templates are included as well for detailed pricing, blog posts, and a 404 page.  5. Toomail - Email Newsletter Wireframe UI Kit You can create wireframes for your email newsletters, too. And the Toomail wireframe kit is a great way to accomplish this. It makes it a breeze to lay out the template for your newsletters and ensure your campaigns provide an intuitive user interface.  This UI Kit comes equipped with:  * Over 500 different blocks for speedy layout creation.  * 15 pre-made templates that are ready to use.  * Layered build structure for easy editing.  * Tons of components that can be fully customized.  Toomail takes the guesswork out of creating newsletter prototypes and that’s definitely worth checking out.  6.  Adventure Travel Wireframe Website Or perhaps the Adventure Travel Wireframe Website template is more your style? This template can serve as the structural foundation for any website design or mobile app design. A few key features include:  * Easy customization. * Layered organization for simpler editing.  * Free fonts.  It includes features suitable for creating travel-theme apps and websites but could be used for any purpose. The download comes with a template for Figa and documentation.  7. Modern Startup Wireframe Landing Page Another option is the Modern Startup Wireframe Landing Page. This template provides a framework on which to plan out a landing page for either the web or a mobile app. Notable features include:  * A desktop and a mobile version.  * Full customization options.  * Built with Bootstrap.  * Comes with a free Google Font.  This landing page wireframe template comes with files for use in Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD. 8. Multipurpose Wireframe Landing Page A truly flexible option is the Multipurpose Wireframe Landing Page template. Once set up, you can easily use this template to mock up and lay out your next design with an eye for the big picture. Top features here include:  * Fully customizable.  * Includes a variety of styles.  * A desktop and mobile version.  * Built on Bootstrap.  This template also comes with a free Google font and files for use with Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD.  9. Minimalist Wireframe Kit Is something simpler what you need? The Minimalist Wireframe Kit is an obvious choice. This UI kit is chock full of components and styles for straightforward customization that leaves the clutter by the wayside. Features include:  * 32 premade elements.  * Layers.  * Built on Bootstrap.  It also makes use of a free font and includes files for use with Figma, Sketch, and Photoshop.  10. Wireframe Digital Agency Landing Page If you want to build an agency website or app, the Wireframe Digital Agency Landing Page template is an obvious choice. It’s minimal, easy to use, and offers a simple layout you can put to work. Features include:  * A single page layout. * Free icons.  * Well-organized layers.  It includes files for Figma, Sketch, Photoshop, and Adobe XD.  11. Profile & Accounts - iOS 13 Wireframe Kit If you’re building for iPhones exclusively, the Profiles & Accounts iOS 13 Wireframe Kit is a great option. It’s designed with the iPhone X in mind, specifically. Features include:  * Minimal design.  * Chat and messaging screens.  * Free fonts.  The design is fully vector and scalable and customizable, too. Plus, the template works with Figma, Photoshop, Sketch, and Adobe XD.  12. House Interior Design Website Wireframe Figma If you want to make a website or mobile app centered around the home design, remodeling, or interior design industries, the House Interior Design Website Wireframe is a good choice. Most notably, this template includes page screen templates for 11 different pages including:  * Home * About Use  * Projects * Services * Portfolio * Contact Us Other page templates include those for project details, FAQs, blog post, page, and 404.  13. Merge Wireframing UI Kit Another straightforward option is the Merge Wireframing UI Kit, which offers simple components and styles for creating layouts and plans with ease. Noteworthy features include:  * 185 elements and components to use in your wireframes.  * 36 pre-made wireframe examples you can reference or use.  * 222 BeBold Essentials UI Icons.  * Well-organized layers.  This UI kit works with Figa, Adobe XD, Illustrator, and Sketch.  14. SeaWire - Figma Wireframe Kit for Websites Another option is SeaWire, which is a great choice for setting down the structure for websites across all categories. Features include:  * 6 pre-made landing page templates.  * 200 pre-made layouts.  * A grid based visual hierarchy.  * Organized layers.  * Multiple components.  * Color and text options.  This download comes with a file for Figma only.  15. Wico - Shopify Wireframe for Figma If you want to build a Shopify store, the Wico Shopify Wireframe for Figma is a logical choice. It makes it a snap to configure and layout the design for an online store in Shopify. Features include:  * A 12-column Bootstrap grid.  * Full width layout.  * Vector icons.  * Multiple text styles.  * Well-organized and named layers.  This template is all-around easy to customize and put to use.  16. Leia - eCommerce Wireframe Kit for Figma Another option for building online stores is the Leia eCommerce Wireframe Kit for Figma. This template and UI kit offers a simple solution for creating compelling and intuitive wireframes for online stores. Noteworthy features include:  * Over 60 wireframe screens.  * Over 120 page layouts.  * A typography style guide.  * Well-organized layers.  * Multiple components.  * Fully customizable.  This Figma UI Kit and template is built on Bootstrap and offers block-based editing for building wireframes.  17. Dashboard Widgets Stats UI Kit Template If you’re creating an app, the Dashboard Widgets Stats UI Kit Template might serve you well. It features a wide variety of dashboard and statistics components and screens, perfect for making an app or SaaS interface. Features include:  * A 12-column Bootstrap grid.  * Multiple, multi use components.  * Full customization. * Free fonts.  This UI kit and template is usable with Figma, Photoshop, Sketch, and Adobe XD.  18. Dark UI Wireflows Another great option for building apps or service-based interfaces is the Dark UI Wireflows template. This one makes it a breeze to generate the overall structure, layer, and user experience for apps, products, and services. Features include:  * 150 cards.  * A variety of symbols.  * 36 smart arrows.  Downloading this template provides files for both Figma and Sketch.  19. Prisma UI Kit Or you could opt for the Prisma UI Kit, which includes a wide range of mobile screens and components for creating apps and designs for a variety of products and services. It offers:  * 70 iOS screens.  * Well-organized and named layers.  * Compatible with iOS 12 and iPhone X.  * Multiple color styles.  Prisma UI Kit includes design elements for 7 categories of pages including login, signup, navigation, profiles, articles, walkthroughs, stats, maps, and tracking. This UI Kit works with Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD. Create a Useful and Intuitive Design with Figma Wireframe UI Kits  Creating a website or app is a challenge no matter how you approach it. But with a flexible Figma wireframe UI kit or template on hand, you can create your next project with greater clarity. And lucky for you, Envato Elements offers a wide range of templates and UI kits to pick from.  There’s no need to delay. Get started on your next project now.

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