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I’m looking forward to après-Covid birthdays | Kadish Morris

Now that restrictions have been lifted we will all be able to celebrate those significant milestones again I’m hopelessly fond of birthdays. My mum put a lot of effort into them when I was younger (she did a scavenger hunt for my 10th and I still have the clue cards). However, Covid-19 changed the way we celebrate birthdays. Not being able to celebrate with family and friends was a real anticlimax for those reaching milestone ages. Imagine turning 18 and not being able to toast it with your mates in an overcrowded club with cheap shots. Covid-related restrictions ended last month, but will birthdays ever feel special again? My 30th was on Easter Sunday of 2020, at the height of restrictions, and the day that Dominic Cummings went to Barnard Castle to test his eyesight. Continue reading...

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