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I thought I was fine parenting through Covid isolation. I wasn’t

What had been held together during all those months of lockdown finally came apart when my daughters fell sick I dropped my daughter off at school, but I wasn’t leaving. I was pacing. Hovering. Snatching whatever conversation I could with other parents – mothers, really – the ones who hadn’t already pulled their children out of school. I wanted to only talk about what all the others could only talk about: Covid. Do children really not get sick? Will the supply chain hold up? Is your work OK? What’s happening in China? Italy, the country, has locked down! Should we take the children out? Will you take the children out? What are you going to do? It was 23 March 2020. Later that morning the then New South Wales premier, Gladys Berejiklian, announced that parents and carers should keep their children home from school wherever possible. That was it. That’s what we were going to do. I went to Kmart and bought stationery – new scrap paper, coloured pads, pipe cleaners. OK. Let’s go. Continue reading...

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