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YouTube could add a dedicated button to launch a song in YouTube Music

YouTube on Android had a similar button in the past, but it quietly disappeared. What you need to know YouTube appears to be working on a dedicated button to play songs directly in YouTube Music. This capability is currently tucked away under the video sharing platform's settings menu. When tapped, the dedicated button will presumably open the soundtrack in question in YouTube Music. YouTube used to have an option that allowed users to play a song directly in YouTube Music, making it easier to switch between these apps. However, it was removed at some point in the past, but now the video sharing platform appears to be bringing back that old feature. According to a teardown performed by XDA Developers, the latest version of YouTube for Android contains string of code that indicates a dedicated button for launching songs in YouTube Music is in the works. When tapped, the button will open the same soundtrack in one of the best music streaming services. If this feature sounds fa...

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