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Will Stadia work on my Android phone? Here are the Stadia compatible phones

Phones, tablets, TVs, browsers, and other devices that support Stadia. Finding a complete list of Stadia devices can be tricky. Most of the best Android phones support it by default, or you can hook up one of several streaming devices to your TV for a more traditional gaming experience. However, it is not always clear which Stadia-enabled hardware is officially supported or not. Below are all the Stadia-compatible phones, tablets, computers, and TVs today, as well as the devices that have planned Stadia support in the future. Jump to: Officially supported Android phones Unofficial Android phones Stadia tablet support Stadia on iOS Stadia on TV Best way to play All Stadia-compatible Android phones So long as your Android phone is running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or better — and if it isn't, you really should upgrade already — Stadia should technically run on it. If you want it to run Stadia well, Google has a list of officially supported devices that should play Stadia g...

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