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We can't take Android tablets seriously until Google does

Recent reports indicate that Google is giving its tablet division some new love with its somewhat recent hire. The company brought in Rich Miner as its CTO of Android tablets, a role that he's held since March 2021, according to his LinkedIn page. Given that Miner is one of the founders of Android, the largest smartphone OS, it sounds like Google is finally taking a fresh look at the Android tablet space. While Android 12L might be more focused on improving the platform for the best foldable phones, bigger screen devices like tablets are also benefitting the upcoming update. It's shaping up to be a decent first step to making Android tablets truly great, but it'll take more than a fresh coat of paint to convince anyone. Android 12L is a good first step Our Alex Dobie took a look at the Android 12L beta, which is only running on a Lenovo Tab P12 Pro at the moment, and notes that the UI is a marked improvement over previous attempts at a proper tablet interface. Instead of just ...

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