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The MY2022 app is a required download for Olympians that's pretty fishy

Advising athletes to only use a burner phone appears to be sound. A while back we heard that a handful of countries advised their respective Olympic teams to leave all personal electronics at home and use a "burner phone" while in Bejing. This was, of course, done because of concerns about the Chinese government's heavy hand with the internet and all electronic communications. Sometimes, Big Brother really is watching. It turns out that this advice was pretty solid, as researchers have torn apart the Android and iOS versions of the MY2022 app — which is required to be used by all Olympians — and found some really interesting things. Not the good kind of interesting, either. After reverse engineering all of the #Beijing2022 #spyware app for @Apple #ios and @Google #Android I can definitively say all Olympian audio is being collected, analyzed and saved on Chinese servers using tech from USA blacklisted AI firm @iflytek1999— J...

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