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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 hands-on: notch your ordinary Android tablet

If you're anything like me, you've never much cared for Android tablets. While there are some worthwhile releases that filled a niche here and there, Samsung is hoping its new line of Galaxy Tab S8 tablets resets your expectations of what an Android tablet can be. This time around, Samsung is offering up three varieties of the Galaxy Tab S8 for you to choose from. The least expensive Galaxy Tab S8 is the smallest one, while the Galaxy Tab S8 offers a larger body and display, and the Tab S8 Ultra slims up those bezels in an effort to better compete with the iPad Pro. To reinforce the idea that these are the Android tablets to get, Samsung packed the best new mobile processor into each and every model, included an S Pen in the box, and even sells a handy keyboard case for each which you can get free if you preorder a Tab S8 now. So with a line of tablets to fit a range of budgets and needs, can Samsung finally fulfill the needs of buyers everywhere? Our Galaxy Tab S8 hands-on might ...

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