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Review: The Motorola Moto Buds-S ANC want to be heard but can't

Motorola should've pumped up the volume on these Moto Buds. As a known brand in communications, you would expect Motorola to be all over the wireless earbuds space. It's certainly tried to make headway, yet we haven't seen a pair really stand out. Why is that? What's missing? It comes down to executing on the key elements that make earbuds worth wearing and listening to. That was the challenge for the Motorola Moto Buds-S ANC, which aren't necessarily premium, but are priced at a level to compete with plenty of great options. The issue is that some important fundamentals aren't firing correctly, and it's unclear what the company can do about it. In the end, the results don't jive with the price. Motorola Moto Buds-S ANC review: Price and availability What's good What's not good The competition Should you buy? At a glance Motorola Moto Buds-S ANC ...

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