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No, Verizon phones didn't get cheaper, you're just getting locked in longer

Verizon is done offering 24 and 30-month plans in favor of a longer 36-month option What you need to know Verizon has removed the option for 24 and 30-month payments in favor of a 36-month option. AT&T also only offers 36-month payment plans on phones sold through its site. Customers can still pay full price for phones or buy them from the manufacturer for more payment options. If you've ever gone into a carrier store to buy a new phone, you know the deal. The sales staff works out a new monthly rate for you, confirms it with the sales manager, then tells you about all the wonderful new accessories you're getting in your bundle. One way the month-to-month prices have continued to tumble isn't by offering you a better value in a competitive market; it's about locking you in for longer. As discovered by Droid Life Verizon is no longer offering 24 and 30-month payment plans on new devices sold by the carrier. Formerly, customers at checkout could choose between paying for a ph...

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