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Material You makes theming too easy for you to ignore it

New wallpaper, new theme, no time wasted. Almost a year ago, when rumors started to swell about a new UI overhaul for Android, I had to tamp down my expectations. After all, it took the Android team five years to bring us the system-wide dark theme we deserve, and this was a much more radical change than simply allowing you to flip between light and dark. But Material You launched with Android 12, and with it, the Android home screen experience got the kick in the ass it's needed for half a decade. Widgets actually needed that kick the most: Android widgets became an absolute embarrassment when iOS 14 put widgets on the home screen and gave them a cohesive look. Material You finally gave widgets updated design guidelines and a way for them to better match whatever wallpaper you're using. The biggest achievement of Android 12 stars in the Pixel 6 commercials: set an awesome wallpaper and your phone instantly themes around it. Samsung's version of Material You in One UI 4.0 might n...

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