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How to get rebates from your power company with a smart thermostat

Smart thermostats are a great way to save money, especially as the price of electricity continues to go up in many places. Not only that but using power more efficiently is one of the best ways most people can help reduce dependence on environmentally-destructive energy production methods like coal and gas. Smart thermostats can help heat and cool your home more efficiently by reducing usage when you're away from home and recommending more efficient settings. You can also save some money with rebates or rewards from your power company. Check with your energy provider Some energy companies and co-ops offer rebates for buying a smart thermostat or even offer them for free. Before you click buy on a smart thermostat, it's worth it to give your energy company a call to see if there are any promotions available. You can also check online to see if your provider has listed any deals. You can check on Amazon for rebates with your zip code before buying an Amazon Smart Thermostat. Google ...

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