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Western Australia races to contain Perth Covid cluster as Greg Hunt declines to condemn border decision

New South Wales records 30 Covid deaths, Victoria 20, Queensland 10, South Australia three and Tasmania one * ‘He has pulled the rug’: Mark McGowan’s backflip on Covid reopening splits WA * As Australian students prepare to leave Covid lockdowns in the past, teachers are frustrated by the lack of planning * Flying blind’: Australia faces 10,000 long Covid cases by the end of the year * Get our free news app; get our morning email briefing Authorities in Western Australia are attempting to contain a growing Perth Covid cluster, amid handwringing about the state’s decision to indefinitely delay the reopening of its borders. WA recorded seven new Covid cases on Saturday. There were 20,148 new cases in New South Wales, 16,016 in Victoria and 15,050 in Queensland. Continue reading...

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