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The tech war continues to brew in China, and is only ramping up in 2022

And there is no end in sight. The U.S. and China are in a full-on war over the tech that will power what comes next from almost every industry. What started as a trade dispute under the Trump administration has grown under President Joe Biden, and there is no predicting how things will end. Things haven't worked out as expected so far, either. Three years later, Huawei and ZTE (the original targets of Trump's economic bans) are still alive and kicking, producing new equipment every year. In fact, Huawei is still making smartphones after every pundit was sure the company wouldn't even be around. The P50 Pro happened anyway Huawei is back with another P series flagship phone with just one limitation because of the crushing trade bans that prevent the company from accessing components — it's using the 4G-only version of the Snapdragon 888 from Qualcomm. Like the past few phones from Hauwei, it also has no access to Google's proprietary software but can run Android Harmony OS ...

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