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The Pixel 6 Pro now lets you disable a wireless tech you hardly need

You can now manage ultra-wideband connections on your Pixel 6 Pro. What you need to know Google has introduced settings toggle for ultra-wideband on the Pixel 6 Pro. The update is part of Google's December 2021 update. UWB allows for more precise positioning, though it works only with devices that have compatible technology. Google has quietly added new settings that allow you to toggle the Pixel 6 Pro's ultra-wideband capability on and off. This feature is part of Google's December 2021 update, though there aren't many use cases for it right now. For starters, UWB allows a device to "identify the relative position of nearby devices" that support this wireless technology. That said, its application on Google's best Android phones is currently limited to the Nearby Share feature, which was upgraded following the December 2021 update. However, due to software bugs, that update is currently on hold. UWB chips also power Google's digital car key feature, which started rolling out ...

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