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The most interesting phone of CES 2022 was the one that wasn't really there

The OnePlus 10 Pro is already one of the more unusual Android phones of 2022, with plenty of questions left unanswered following its CES semi-launch. CES hasn't traditionally been a huge show for smartphone launches. Even in normal years when the event's attendance wasn't slashed by 75% due to Covid-19, pickings would be relatively slim compared to the big European tech shows — Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and IFA in Berlin. So it's been surprising to see the quietest in-person CES in years also be the busiest for flagship phone launches. We got Samsung's Galaxy S21 FE — a big enough deal in its own right and new Android features coming later this year, along with launches from Chinese brands Vivo and TCL. But the major announcement for Western Android fans had to be the OnePlus 10 Pro, one of the first Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 flagships from a brand that enthusiasts actually care about. We already have a full spec sheet, but no global launch date. OnePlus pulled its phy...

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