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Review: Rainbow Six Extraction offers action with diminishing returns

Extraction sounds a lot more freeing than quarantine. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction is a first-person shooter where up to three players work together to defeat alien-like parasites and save the world. It's based on a limited-time mode that appeared in the Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft's competitive multiplayer game, back in 2018. Now it has been fleshed out into its own game while retaining most of the Rainbow Six Siege DNA. It takes a lot of familiar aspects from weapons, abilities, and characters (called Operators) into a player versus environment (PvE) mode that supports cross-platform play and saves between Stadia, PC, and consoles. While Rainbow Six Extraction presents some fresh ideas for cooperative gameplay, it fizzles out a lot sooner than expected. Rainbow Six Extraction review: Gameplay, story, and presentation Stadia performance and features Should you buy it? At a glance Rainbow Six Extraction on Stadia ...

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