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Review: The Amazon Halo View still has some work to do

You can view a lot with the Amazon Halo View, but do you want to? Fitness enthusiasts had mixed reactions to last year's Amazon Halo band, and it's clear that Amazon considered that when creating its new Amazon Halo View. Not only has the device changed, but Amazon also focuses on introducing new experiences to the Halo membership that helps users work out and nourish their bodies. So will it succeed? Some of the best fitness trackers out there offer well-rounded experiences without being tied to a membership program. While you get a year of Halo membership free with the purchase of your device, prepare to pay a monthly subscription fee after that. In some cases, you might still be able to enjoy plenty of features without opting for a paid membership. However, the Halo View becomes a shell of itself without the Halo membership. Non-members will only be able to log activity sessions and track their metrics such as heart rate, steps, calories burned, time awake/asleep, and sleep tem...

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