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Moving back to Australia mid-pandemic was like entering a time warp | Jacqueline Housden

After 18 years in the UK, my dreams of our new life had not included my mother bursting into work meetings holding a kilo of raw chicken It will be like a real-life Frayed, I joked to friends. We’ll appear, slightly disoriented, in Sydney’s southern, faded beach-side suburbs, a place I thought I’d long since left behind. I’ll even wear the dresses. After 18 years of living in the UK, returning to Australia with a small family in tow was always going to be an adventure/insane, especially in the middle of a pandemic. But my head was only filled with the good stuff: the smell of eucalyptus, glimmering green ocean pools, the warm embrace of family and friends, and sweet non-Covid freedom. The reality, as always, was something else. Because moving home meant moving back in – at least temporarily – with my parents, and to the house I grew up in. Continue reading...

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