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Legacy G Suite free users will soon have to pay for Google Workspace

Your honeymoon period with G Suite legacy free subscriptions will end on July 1. What you need to know G Suite legacy free edition users will need to upgrade to a paid Google Workspace subscription to keep using their existing services. The legacy free subscription will be shuttered starting July 1, and users must choose a Workspace subscription by May 1. If you're unable to upgrade by that date, Google will do it for you based on the services you currently use. Google allowed free G Suite legacy users to continue using its services without charge even after it stopped offering the free edition to new customers back in 2012. However, their honeymoon period with free legacy office software apps will come to an end soon. Organizations that are still subscribed to the G Suite legacy free edition will have to pay for a Google Workspace subscription starting in July or lose access to Google's services such as Gmail and Meet (via 9to5Google). To continue using those office apps, G Su...

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