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Is PS VR2 worth the upgrade over PSVR?

Powerhouse PlayStation VR2 See at PlayStation Pros Higher resolution OLED display Eye tracking 110-degree Field of View Controllers based on DualSense tech USB-C compatible 120Hz refresh rate Cons Unknown price Wired Requires a PS5 PlayStation VR2 is the next evolution of virtual reality for consoles. Taking advantage of the PS5's power, it should deliver performances that weren't possible on the original PSVR. With upgraded specs and a new set of Sense controllers, PS VR2 could be everything players have wanted. What remains to be seen is how expensive it will be and the types of games that come to it. Old tech PSVR $334 at Amazon Pros OLED display Large game catalog Comfortable to wewar Cons Outdated PlayStation Move controllers Inferior specs Multiple cables required PSVR is a great option to enter the virtual reality space on PlayStation, but it's not for everyone. Several wires along with the PlayStation camera make it less than ideal, and its s...

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