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Here are the basic steps for setting up your new Samsung Galaxy phone

Samsung makes some of the best Android phones around, but while it has streamlined its initial configuration in the last few generations, there are still several extra steps compared to other phones — Samsung injects its own steps alongside Google. The process is self-explanatory, but we have all of the information and tips you need to know about as you go through each step. How to set up your Galaxy phone If you're coming from a Samsung phone, you can skip most of this setup process and restore directly from that phone. Just open up Smart Switch on your current phone, and follow the prompts on both phones. We recommend using a cable rather than Wi-Fi, which significantly speeds up the process. Start by selecting the language you'd like to use for setup — you can change this later. Then tap the arrow button to begin the setup process. Agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy. This is mandatory to continue setup, but you can opt out of sending diagnostic data and i...

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