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Chromecast volume controls return on Android 12 — but there's a catch

Google Pixel 6 owners will have to wait a bit longer to get their hands on the feature again. What you need to know Google appears to have restored Chromecast volume controls for most apps on Android 12. Volume controls for Chromecast media sessions were removed last year due to a legal issue. However, the capability remains missing on the Google Pixel 6 series. The ability to control the volume of an active Chromecast media session using the volume rocker on a Pixel phone disappeared with the release of Android 12 due to a legal dispute. Fortunately, the volume controls have now returned with the January patch for Pixels. Following the January 2022 update for Pixel phones, most apps now let you adjust the Chromecast volume with your handset's volume rocker. The volume slider appears without issue when casting from Spotify to a Google Nest Hub, as discovered by Mishaal Rahman. Surprise! Cast volume controls have been re-enabled with the January 2022 update for Pixel. Google ei...

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