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CES’s snazzy product launches couldn’t mask the problems behind the scenes

If COVID keeps resurging, tech showcases could face a reckoning. CES 2022 was half-virtual, half in-person, and 100% messy, with many of its major announcements coming from companies that has already fled Las Vegas due to COVID concerns. With some tech conferences like MWC plunging ahead with in-person plans while others like E3 preemptively go virtual-only, tech companies and journalists alike have to reimagine how trade shows fit into our new normal. Many tech sites and CES attendees have speculated that CES 2020 was one of the original super-spreader events for COVID-19, back when no one could reasonably understand what was happening. This year, CES 2022 took place amidst the raging Omicron variant, with everyone involved fully aware of the risks. "CES will and must go on." Apparently. "CES will and must go on." So said Consumer Technology Association CEO Greg Shapiro in an opinion piece for the Las Vegas Review Journal, despite most major tech companies and journalism org...

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