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All of the best Tello mobile cell phone plans available now

Tello is a unique carrier in that it doesn't have a traditional set of plans, instead, the best Tello plans can be customized for each person. This includes choosing how many minutes and minutes they want, plus data. Tello operates on the T-Mobile network with access to 5G including the faster mid-band connection. While you don't need to commit to it, Tello has created some starting points for plans, and the best value for most people is Tello's Smart Plan with 4GB of data and unlimited talk and text. Best overall: Tello Smart 4GB On Tello, you can create your own plan by choosing how many minutes you think you'll need and how much data you think you'll need. You can get an idea of how much data you typically use by looking at your current bill or checking the data usage settings on your Android phone. For most smartphone users, Tello's pre-configured Smart Plan is a great starting point with unlimited minutes and 4GB of high-speed data. All Tello plans with minutes come with unl...

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