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Want to know how to upgrade your PS4 games on the PS5? Dive in.

Upgrades, people, upgrades are the way to go. With the new generation of consoles arriving and the vast majority of PS4 games already backward compatible on the PS5, there's a slate of games being released on both consoles at the same time. Some of these games support upgrades when you make the jump from PS4 to PS5, which can be paid, timed, or free. While there may be some additional steps depending on the title, the broad strokes will apply to every game. Here's how to upgrade your PS4 games on PS5. How to upgrade physical PS4 games on PS5 As a note, physical PS4 games can only be upgraded on the PS5, not the PS5 Digital Edition. Sign in on your PS5. Insert your PS4 game disc. Go to the game hub for that PS4 game. Select the upgrade offer for the PS4 game. If it is a paid upgrade, pay the purchase price. Download the PS5 Digital Game. Now, the game is upgraded, but you'll still need to insert the PS4 game disc each and every time you want to play it. The process for upgradin...

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