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The Galaxy S22 could ditch 'glasstic' rear panel in favor of actual glass

Get ready for a heavier, more fragile Galaxy S22. What you need to know The standard Galaxy S22 is rumored to feature a glass back panel. The Galaxy S21 went with "glasstic" instead of actual glass. There are some pros and a few cons to having a glass back panel. Not everyone was happy about Samsung going with "glasstic" back panel for the standard Galaxy S21. However, the latest rumor points to Samsung ditching the faux glass plastic rear panel for actual glass in the Galaxy S22 series. The rumor comes from leaker Ice universe, which indicates that the rear glass panel will make it to all three Galaxy S22 models and won't be limited to the S22+ and premium S22 Ultra. There is a definite answer about the rear cover material of Galaxy S22 series:S22, S22 +, S22 ultra are all made of glass!— Ice universe (@UniverseIce) December 20, 2021 Ice universe seems pretty confident of this, but of course, we should take it with a grain of salt. That said, the recently leaked dummy un...

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