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OzSage experts warn ‘let it rip’ Covid strategy will condemn vulnerable Australians to death

Sheer scale of cases means the impact on an already fatigued health system ‘could be enormous’, report says * Follow our Covid live blog for the latest updates * RATs: kits double in price amid gouging accusations * Daily Covid cases could rise to 100,000 within weeks, expert predicts * Vaccine rollout tracker; cases and data tracker Australia’s independent expert group OzSage has savaged the “let it rip” Covid-19 strategy in New South Wales and elsewhere, saying it will condemn some people to death, particularly the more vulnerable. In a report released on Thursday, OzSage said the trajectory of Covid data suggested hospital admission and intensive care unit occupancy numbers were “on a steeply rising trend and anticipated to exceed earlier peaks quite soon. In other words, optimistic assumptions about the impact of the Omicron variant on hospital admissions are unrealistic.” Continue reading...

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