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Here's what we want to see from Google in 2022

Hey Google, this is what we want in 2022 At times it felt like the longest year ever, and at others, it seemed to absolutely fly by. Despite all the ups and downs, we find ourselves finally at the end of an eventful and memorable 2021. As we look forward to 2022, we asked a handful of our editors, staff writers, and freelance contributors what they hope will come from Mountain View over the coming twelve months. No major area was off-limits, from Google's software, apps, and services to its various hardware divisions and corporate culture and ethical obligations. So without further ado and straight from the keyboards of our talented team of Android experts — here's what we want to see from Google in 2022. Jump to: Software and apps Pixel phones and accessories Nest and Chromebooks Company culture Software and apps Ara Wagoner, staff writer I had hoped, perhaps vainly, that 2021 would be the year that YouTube finally got off its ass and made YouTube Music a consiste...

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