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Facebook tests live chat support for users locked out of their accounts

It has also added new controls for creators to moderate comments on their posts and block certain people. What you need to know Facebook makes it easier to get support if you're locked out of your account in a new test. The service has also beefed up its comment moderation controls for creators. For Facebook Live, there are new moderation tools designed to block certain words. Losing access to your Facebook account for any reason and being unable to get timely assistance must be one of the worst drawbacks of the platform. Fortunately, Meta is addressing that flaw in a new experiment, as well as improving comment moderation for creators. On Friday, the social networking giant announced that it is testing live chat support for people, including creators, who are locked out of their accounts. The new test is currently available only to a small set of English-speaking users worldwide. There seems to be a series of tests that will unfold as part of the whole effort. For the initi...

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