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Ditch the wires with these Qi car chargers

For drivers with long daily commutes, the best wireless car chargers are an excellent investment. Beyond the fact that plugging and unplugging your phone can be a pain, most car chargers come with a mount or phone holder that places your phone closer to eye level, so you're not glancing down when your gaze should be on the road. Qi wireless chargers have already started creeping into our offices and homes. If you're using a Qi-enabled phone, you should absolutely grab one of these chargers and go wire-free in the car too. Most dependable iOttie Wireless Car Charger Auto Sense Staff Pick iOttie makes the most popular mounts on the market, and the most reliable car mounts around that's compatible with Qi charging Samsung and Apple phones. iOttie's Auto Sense clamps get the job done, automatically detecting your phone and clasping it shut. They usually last a while too. $45 at Amazon $27 at Walmart $45 at B&H Built-in cooling ZeeHoo 15W Wireless Car Charger with Built-in Co...

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