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Amazon's Alexa Together is now available with up to a year of free service

New name, new features, same excellent service. Update, Dec 7 (6:45 p.m. ET): Alexa Together is now available What you need to know Amazon launches Alexa Together, a new version of Alexa Care Hub. Alexa Together has many of the same features as Care Hub, with new additions like a 24/7 Urgent Response helpline and support for third-party fall detection devices. A subscription costs $19 per month or $200 a year, but early adopters can get six months free. A year ago, Amazon announced the Alexa Care Hub as a way to give families peace of mind by giving them a direct line to loved ones that may require extra care. Now, Amazon is upgrading that service and giving it a new name, too: Alexa Together. At its core, Alexa Together is the same service that Amazon launched last year, but gains a few new features that will enhance long-distance caregiving. Alexa Together gives aging loved ones access to 24/7 Urgent Response in case something happens. Another helpful feature is the added s...

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