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The most popular announcement at Connect shows how unpopular Facebook is

But what comes next for Oculus? What you need to know Our readers are most excited about Meta dropping the Facebook login requirement for Oculus. The Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas port was the second most popular option. However, trust in Facebook is still shaky among our readers. Facebook has gone Meta, as the company announced a slew of updates to its efforts in VR and its so-called metaverse. Plenty of the announcements were focused on its Oculus Quest 2 and its VR platform, but the metaverse underscored everything during Mark Zuckerberg's keynote. When we asked our readers what their favorite announcement was, most of the responses were in favor of the fact that Meta will no longer require a Facebook login for its best VR headsets. The change won't come until some time in 2022, but it should help relinquish dependence on Facebook, especially for those who prefer not to have an account or get locked out of their accounts. The second most popular announcement was the Grand T...

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