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Red Magic 6S Pro with Snapdragon 888+ is nearly $200 cheaper right now

Gaming on a console is heaps of fun but sadly, you can't lug your PS5 around with you everywhere you go. The solution? Enter the world of gaming phones. This niche segment of smartphones caters to a very specific category of people. Whether you're an e-sports fanatic or a hardcore mobile gamer, a gaming phone will never let you down in terms of raw power. The Red Magic 6S Pro is one of the fastest performing Android phones in the world, defeating even the likes of the impressive Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Pop the hood and you'll find a shiny Snapdragon 888+ chipset powering this mobile gaming rig. It's got a sublime 165Hz AMOLED display, all 6.8 inches of it is an absolute joy to behold. Adding to its viability as a stellar gaming phone, there are dual ultrasonic air triggers mounted on the shoulders of the phone and an additional touch key on the back. Oh, and all of those keys are fully customizable. The Red Magic 6S Pro has so much going for it. It has dual cooling systems with a...

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