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Quick! You can still score the Pixel 4a for $300 this Cyber Monday

Flagship phones deliver just what you pay for, with every spec under the sun inside a premium shell. Budget phones are trickier since sacrifices need to be made for a cheaper price. The Google Pixel 4a reduces your heartache by giving you all the right features at a fabulous price, made even more enticing with this Cyber Monday deal. You snag either the Just Black or the Barely Blue options for a staggering $300 only. You don't need to give up a beautifully rich AMOLED display or a fast-performing Snapdragon chipset. The Pixel 4a comes with both a 6.81-inch AMOLED display and a Snapdragon 730G processor. Theis Pixel has a lot more going for it, but we're absolutely in love with the camera above all else. The single 12MP camera snaps incredible shots that can put a pricier phone's 64MP sensor to shame. So what's the secret sauce? Google's image processing magic is beyond anything you can imagine. Grab the ultimate budget Pixel for only $300 Google Pixel 4a - Just Black $50 off ...

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