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Galaxy Note 20 phones receive eSIM support on Verizon with new update

Still rocking the October security update, though. What you need to know Verizon updates the Galaxy Note 20 series with eSIM support. The update allows Galaxy Note 20 devices to work on two networks at once. The update follows T-Mobile's rollout of eSIM support earlier this year. Carriers in the United States continue to provide eSIM support for more of the best Android phones, with Verizon adding support for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series phones. The update brings support for Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS), which allows the phone to work on two separate carriers at once using a physical SIM and eSIM. Using this will enable calls and messages to be received using both numbers, although only one can be assigned at a time for data. The update also brings support for Verizon's BYOD, meaning Galaxy Note 20 owners on other U.S. networks can easily switch to the countries largest carrier by subscribers. Just pop in a Verizon SIM, and the phone will adapt to the network. T-Mobile w...

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