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Will controller support be available on Battlefield Mobile?

Best answer: Despite Battlefield Mobile currently being playtested in Indonesia and the Philippines with gameplay footage leaking online, there's no concrete news of controller support. However, Call of Duty Mobile does feature controller use, so it's fairly safe to deduct that Battlefield Mobile will follow suit to stay competitive with its nearest rival. Why so sure? With Call of Duty Mobile seeing massive success since its launch, it makes sense that EA would keep tabs on its direct competitor and implement some popular features into its game. Currently, COD Mobile supports the PS4 and Xbox One controllers and third-party offerings, though some functionality may be reduced. A popular option for both casual and hardcore shooter fans, controller support would likely be a consideration for EA, at the very least, the successful implementation on COD mobile being a clear reason for its inclusion. There is other evidence, too, with Battlefield Mobile targeting the same demographic ...

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