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What color Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 should you buy?

For the next few months, Samsung is about to hold a unique monopoly on the Android smartwatch market. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the first watch to run the new Wear OS 3, and as such, it's the first Galaxy Watch with access to Google services and Android apps through Google Play. This will boost the app selection while still keeping Samsung's design flair (called One UI Watch) and finally give us a Wear OS watch that's sturdy and comfy, even on smaller wrists. I've personally been waiting years for a watch like this, and now only one question remains: Which Galaxy Watch 4 color do I buy? Natural beauty Galaxy Watch 4 44mm Green Staff Pick This Watch 4 style perfectly matches the Phantom Green Galaxy Z Fold 3, but even if you're not grabbing one of those, this shade looks great with a wide variety of silicone, metal, and leather straps. Mix with brown leather for a natural look or almost any color silicone band for a more flashy presentation. From $280 at Samsung From $240 a...

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