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The Pixel 6 Pro looks stunning in what may be its first hands-on video

What you need to know The Google Pixel 6 Pro appears to have been spotted in a short hands-on video. The device appears to be a pre-production unit, as inticated by the logo. The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro may be less than a month from launch. Google has shown off the Pixel 6 in official press videos, but this may be the first time we see Google's upcoming flagship hands-on thanks to a leaked video. The video was uploaded by Brandon Lee from This Tech today, and shows what appears to be the Pixel 6 Pro in dark grey with the curved 6.7-inch QHD+ display turned on to the setup screen, showing "Welcome to your Pixel" and some Android 12 Material You-style animations. I think this may be the first hands on video leak of a Google Pixel 6 Pro. FYI: The logo would indicate that this is likely an early production test unit, so that means there may be some differences between what you see here and the actual production device. #teampixel— M. Brandon Lee | THIS IS TEC...

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