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Jiggle Physics 097: Deathloop reviewed; Nintendo Switch Online rumors

This week, we make a few quick stops into Epic v. Apple and Activision Blizzard corner before signing the praises of Deathloop for PS5. Nintendo Switch has finally received a software update that enables Bluetooth audio support. Additonally, rumors are swirling about Nintendo Switch Online getting N64 games, and a curious firmware update has been released for the dock accessory of the OLED Switch model. Hosted by: Jennifer Locke, Carli Velocci, and Rebecca Spear Got feedback? Hit up and tell us something! LISTEN NOW: LINKS: As expected, Epic Games has appealed a court ruling in its spat with Apple | iMore Epic Games pays Apple $6 million as result of Epic v. Apple lawsuit | iMore Deathloop for PS5 review: A deadly day I didn't want to end | Android Central Activision Blizzard charged with violating labor laws in union complaint | Windows Central Nintendo Switch finally gets Bluetooth audio support with latest update | iMore Rumor: Nintendo Switch On...

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