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Instagram Reels arrive on Facebook, doubles down on challenging TikTok

Instagram and Facebook are becoming one. What you need to know Facebook Reels is rolling out widely for U.S. users. Users will be able to create Reels straight from the Facebook app. Facebook is working to allow Instagram Reels to be promoted on the Facebook app. Just over a year after Instagram launched Reels to compete with TikTok, the feature is now coming to the Facebook app. Reels creators will now have an even wider audience to attract and can now create reels straight from the Facebook app. These will show up in the News Feed in a dedicated section that will also house Stories and Rooms. Reels will also be available in Groups and will function more or less how they do on Instagram. Facebook is even testing the ability to have Instagram reels suggested to users on Facebook. This is available to a small group of creators and could potentially help them extend their reach for additional monetization opportunities. Facebook also plans to bring ads to the experience as it di...

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