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Google says Clock update should fully fix Spotify alarm issues

You snooze, you lose? Update, Sep 10 (4:00 p.m. ET): Google Clock update reportedly offers fix Update, Sep 6 (2:15 a.m. ET): Google confirms a fix is on the way What you need to know Many angry Android users are reporting issues with Google's Clock app and alarms. The bug is apparently affecting several different devices, including Pixel phones. Customers are also reporting issues with Spotify's integration with their alarms. Android Central recently received a tip from a reader that many Android users have been experiencing issues with Google's stock Clock app over the past week. The tipster pointed us to a r/GooglePixel thread on Reddit where the issue was being discussed, and also mentioned the spate of 1-star reviews that the app has been receiving lately on the Google Play store. Angry app users have been complaining that their alarms in the Clock app are not going off as expected and that they are not receiving alarm notifications either. There have also been complain...

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