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Forget the iPhone 13 or Pixel 6, it's all about the Wendy's Phone

Hopefully, it doesn't smell like bacon. What you need to know Wendy's has its own smartphone, and it's giving it away in a contest. The smartphone has a 6.4-inch HD+ display and a triple camera setup. The contest is only open to Canadian residents. Following the iPhone 13 launch and leading up to the long-awaited Pixel 6, a new smartphone plans to take the world by storm, and it's made by the one and only Wendy's. That's right; Wendy's has its own smartphone, the appropriately named "Wendy's Phone." As part of a contest, Wendy's is giving away this device to 20 lucky contestants between September 28 and October 17. To enter, you have to download the Wendy's app, like and screenshot your favorite order, and post it online with "#WendysPhone" and "#Contest" included in the tweet. For the chance to get yours, download the Wendy's app, 💗 and screenshot your favourite Wendy's order, then Tweet it out with #WendysPhone and #Contest. You can try again every day. Learn more about ...

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