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Amazon Kindle e-readers get revamped UI for easier navigation

Making the e-reader experience even easier. What you need to know Amazon has announced that it will begin updating the user interface on its most recent Kindle e-reader models over the coming weeks and months. Key updates include a revised home screen, new navigation gestures, and an improved library experience. These updates will be available on 7th and 8th Gen Kindle devices. Amazon is a company that has built its business on the back of books. It has grown from a company that began selling books over the internet over 25 years ago to become the driving force behind the idea of downloading and reading books on digital devices like the Kindle. Its Kindle e-readers are by far and away the most popular of their kind, and even though it's been quite some time since they last saw a hardware refresh, Amazon has announced a major new user interface (UI) refresh for its most recent Kindle devices. Starting in September, owners of late-model Kindles will begin to see a new navigati...

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