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Australia Covid live update: Victoria records 92 new cases as mystery infections grow; NSW relaxes restrictions as cases soar

Delta cluster emerges in bayside Port Melbourne while mystery cases outpace authorities; NSW allows small weddings despite record numbers. Follow all the day’s news * Restrictions: NSW; Vic; Qld; borders * Hotspots: NSW; Vic; Qld * Vaccine rollout tracker; get our free news app; get our morning email briefing 12.37am BST The debate over how much Butler supports the plan continued: Spears: Sorry, your view right now is: do you support the national plan or not? Yes, I said I did, David. Going into Friday, I and many others urged the Prime Minister to consider counting the 12 to 15-year-olds aspart of the national plan. That was not the decision. We need to work with the plan we’ve got, but I do say that Scott Morrison needs to tell parents when their 12 to 15year old children will be vaccinated. If they are not counted as part of the national plan, at the very least he needs to make a separate commitment to parents: this is when your children will be vaccinated. The Prime Minister didn’t take that decision. We’ve got the plan and we need to implement it. We want to see an end to the lockdowns as soon as possible. Let’s get on to a debate about implementing the plan safely. That’s our focus. Our focus has been the degree to which the Prime Minister has been able to implement the plans properly, effectively. He has bungled the vaccine and quarantine phases of the response. We don’t want him to bungle this phase. There will be devastating health impacts if he does. 12.36am BST Butler has said that he fully accepts the Doherty Institute’s modelling, on which the government has based its pandemic exit strategy. For context, this is the modelling that recommends easing Covid-19 restrictions once we hit 70%-80% of the eligible population vaccinated. Do you support the national plan or do you think its should be changed along the lines you are suggesting this morning? I support the national plan. All of us want to see an end to the... Sorry to interrupt, you seem to have a fundamental difference with the plan when it comes to including those kids in the targets? I said 12 to 15-year-olds should be counted as did a number of premiers. If the National Cabinet doesn’t take that view, then we need to get on and implement the plan, but I think... Continue reading...

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